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  • Bryn Gladding

Editing Concludes for "Divine Quotations"

Welcome to 2023, we made it! It’s been a long time coming but with the discovery of new/old texts from MURAR’s over 25 years of writing, we decided it was best to revisit the three books by rebuilding them into a more cohesive vision of a soul’s journey. “Divine Quotations” has come a long way since our 2020's beginning edits, and is now including conversations with Source, I AM, Mary and The Elders. MURAR’s passion for the discovery of self, resonates throughout her writings. She has been a true student of life from her upbringing in the U.S. to her artwork and relationships. This is where she shares her understanding as a Clairaudient, communicating directly with higher powers about life’s purpose. “Climb the Rain into the Eyes of God” is a look at war and prayer in our times, helping us understand the need for such experiences within our life time. Often the answers are far from what you may expect and give sincere, simple solutions and answers to the hard questions. “Energies in the Sky” is a discussion about social issues and how divine purpose is affected by our life events, only to be understood as interpretation of love’s perfection.

The following are new cover concepts as we envision the final book printing.

Continue to follow us on this blog and we will bring you more information as we get closer to publication. Please connect if you would like to receive more information regarding these books, or reach out at any time with questions or comments. We wish everyone a safe, happy, healthy and prosperous 2023.


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